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As a licensed cosmetologist, I have been dedicated to the beauty industry for 16 years. I have had some amazing opportunities, from working on-set for music videos, photo shoots, and fashion shows to building my private clientele and becoming a natural hair specialist. However, I noticed a common issue among myself, my respective peers, and clients alike. At more than one point in time, we all had difficulty finding the hair and cosmetic supplies we needed, especially when we were in a bind.

I thought how much easier it would be to just press a button and be able to find any beauty item I needed and have it picked up and delivered to me right away. Through the Last Minute Hair mobile app, we make it easier for consumers to locate and buy their desired beauty-related items from their local beauty supply stores. Within a click of a button, a consumer will have access to all beauty retailers within a 40 miles radius carrying their items and be able to check out and have their order within one hour. I aim to use this capital to begin the process of onboarding beauty retailers who have already expressed interest in joining the platform and to expand my marketing efforts. My 12-month goal is to expand throughout the Midwest, with the South Side of Chicago as our headquarters hub.

My name is Tiffany Shelly, and I am the founder of Last Minute Hair, where you can get your beauty products. On your time.

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