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The Male Mogul Initiative is a Social Enterprise consisting of a non-profit and for profit (L3C) Entity that seeks to transform the way young men live and lead in their communities. Our passion and purpose are strategically designed to develop and vitalize under-resourced communities by offering young minority males leadership, entrepreneurship, and workforce development. Primarily focused on the Southside of Chicago, The Male Mogul Initiative provides young men of color with the opportunity to gain practical and applicable knowledge while building self-confidence, developing character, improving intellectual fortitude, and cultivating leadership skills. At our core, we strive to empower young men with our four core pillars: character development, academic excellence, workforce enhancement, and community empowerment.

Several of the young men that we serve come from under-resourced communities, creating challenges beyond the classroom. Acquiring resources for the students that we serve significantly enhances social and emotional support while also increasing educational attainment. Our objective is to decrease the opportunity gap for our amazing future leaders while creating environments that are equitable and conducive to the learning styles of our young men of color. Having purposeful and productive community organizations, such as The Male Mogul Initiative, is an essential element for young minority male success.

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