IJ’s Response to COVID-19: Videos

For years, IJ has filed lawsuits to break down protectionist barriers standing in the way of small entrepreneurs and to expand innovation in and access to health care. With millions unemployed and health care providers stretched thin, this work is now more urgent than ever as the country struggles to fight the pandemic, recover economically, and prepare for the next crisis. These videos highlight some of the new and ongoing cases that are helping expand the availability of health care and empowering Americans to earn an honest living.

Deep Dive: Current Legal Challenges to COVID-19 Rules
We’ve all been watching the unprecedented situation with COVID-19 play out. At IJ, we have a particular interest in what’s happening in the law. In this Deep Dive episode, Melanie Hildreth talks with IJ President and General Counsel Scott Bullock and IJ Senior Attorney Robert McNamara about the kinds of constitutional litigation we’re seeing, as well as legal avenues that can help make life better now and those that lend themselves to longer-term strategic litigation.


Nebraska Law Requires Business Owner to get Competitors’ Permission in Order to Transport Patients
Marc N’Da runs a home health agency, and he wants to add transporting patients to and from the pharmacy and doctor’s office to the list of services he offers. Absurdly, Nebraska made him ask his future competitors for permission first, and they said no. So, he’s teamed up with IJ in one of our newest cases.


Doctors Challenge Texas’s Ban on Dispensing Medication to Their Patients
Texas is one of five states that prohibit doctors from providing patients with prescription medication. Thanks to pharmacy groups lobbying for unfair restrictions, doctors caught dispensing routine medications like antibiotics could lose their license. Doctors like our clients are tired of not providing the care their patients need, so we’re fighting back.


Entrepreneurs Sue Kentucky Over Law That Kept Them from Providing Home Health Care Business
Dipendra Tiwari wants to provide home health care to refugees in Louisville in a language they understand. But Kentucky won’t let him because it says that service isn’t needed. So Dipendra and IJ are challenging Kentucky’s restriction in federal court.


Licensing Costs Our Economy $180 Billion/Year, Here Are Ways to Avoid That
From lifting restrictions on nurse practitioners to allowing food trucks at rest stops, states across America are discovering that many licensing restrictions hurt more than they help. This video discusses less restrictive alternatives to licensing that can protect consumers as well as or better than licensing, without shutting people out of work.


Bonus: How “Policing for Profit” Undermines Your Rights
As governments face large revenue losses, IJ is standing guard to make sure cities and states don’t turn to abusive fines and fees to make up for budget shortfalls. In this TED talk, IJ’s Dick Carpenter explains the threat of civil forfeiture and how to end policing for profit.