Forfeiture Public Records Request Template


[[name of person to whom you are sending your request]]

[[their title and/or office]]

[[their mailing address/email address/fax number]]

Dear [[Name]]:

Pursuant to the [[name of your state’s public records law]], I am requesting the following records for [[desired time period]]:

  1. Records of all seizures and forfeitures conducted under [[name of state]] state law. [[Optional: list the specific factors outlined in your state’s “Tracking Seized Property” grade]]
  2. Records of all expenditures of forfeiture proceeds.

The information will not be used for commercial purposes, so I request that any fees associated with this request be waived. If you do elect to charge fees and those fees are greater than [[your budget]], please contact me with an estimate before work is begun.

I can be reached at [[best way to contact you: phone number or email address]] to address any questions you might have regarding this request. Electronic copies of the documents in machine-readable format are preferred and can be sent to [[your email address]]. Hard copies of documents can be sent to [[your mailing address]].

Thank you in advance for your help with this request. Please confirm receipt of this [[letter/email/fax]].


[[your name]]

[[your title and/or affiliation, if applicable]]

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