Help IJ Reform Licensing in North Carolina

For many occupations, the government requires people to get a license before they can legally work. The requirements for getting a license and whether or not you even need a license for certain occupations varies widely between states and create serious barriers to earning a living.

The Institute for Justice is working to bring common sense to licensing across the United States. Legislators are open to considering reforms that would allow more flexibility for small businesses and independent workers, but entrenched interests often stand in the way. Sometimes the only people lawmakers hear from when considering reform are people who directly profit from the current system.

We want to increase the voices North Carolina legislators hear.  They should include consumers, constituents and voters.

There are ways to protect the health and safety of consumers without making it a crime for people to style hair at a wedding or offer their services as a handyman.

That’s why we need you. Whether you need a license to work or whether you just want to support a friend or family member, your voice matters.

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