Looking for a way to promote job creation and jump-start local economies?

Help us promote and protect entrepreneurship in each of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods! You can help secure and expand economic liberty and community development here in Chicago.

What you can do:

  • Email our advocacy team to learn more about upcoming opportunities to get involved.
  • Tell us if you are being tripped up by local laws, inspections or bureaucracy. We want to hear about it, so we can advocate for reform on the issues that cause the most trouble for Chicago entrepreneurs. Check out the Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide for ideas about how you can organize businesses to create change together.
  • Join our advocacy mailing list to receive legislative action alerts.
  • Contact your representatives in city and state government and ask them to ease the burdens on small business. For our suggestions of changes they should make, check out Regulatory Field and a recent opinion piece Beth co-authored.

IJ Clinic Advocacy Projects

Street Vendors Justice Coalition

Chicago outlaws the sale of prepared foods from carts. Current vendors live in fear of harassment, and aspiring vendors can’t pursue their dreams. City Council has a solution ready to go, and it’s time to take action. Learn more about our campaign and join the effort at streetvendorsjustice.org.

Community Kitchens in the Community

Lots of Chicagoans have the start-up capital for a new food business: a great recipe, experience feeding a crowd and a big dream. But there are not many kitchens where they can start small and legally. We are working with community groups to understand the legal requirements for a shared kitchen in Chicago and to identify spaces, teams and financiers for community kitchens.

Barrier Study

Want to create a job in Chicago? It is not that easy. This report by the IJ Clinic documents how government regulations can keep entrepreneurs from doing what they do best—creating jobs and building our communities!