South Side Pitch Application

South Side Pitch is looking to celebrate South Side entrepreneurs by highlighting the impact their businesses have. South Side Pitch offers small business owners an opportunity to pitch in front of a city-wide audience to share their success story and for the chance to win cash prizes. The judges will be looking for South Side businesses that can demonstrate a positive contribution to an individual life, community, or industry. For example, perhaps your business has improved your financial situation, led to a change in an industry, brought jobs to your community, or introduced a much-needed good or service to your neighborhood. Judges will also look at ways business owners have demonstrated creativity while growing their businesses. How has creativity contributed to the success of your business? How have you adapted to the many curveballs life throws at entrepreneurs? We also want South Side entrepreneurs to be able to use their pitch to inspire the audience and encourage the public to invest in them. Thus, it is important that you explain why and how the cash prize would help your business and exhibit showmanship when delivering your pitch.

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How does your story tell a South Side story, even beyond its address? We can imagine lots of answers to this question! Does the business founder have South Side roots? Is the business part of a South Side tradition? Does the business create new opportunities for South Siders?
(Questions to think about: Why is your business your passion? What inspired you to start this business? Any notable memories as you grew your business?)
(Perhaps your business generated wealth for you, led to a change in an industry, brought jobs to your community, created a product that solves a problem for consumers, or introduced a much-needed good or service in your neighborhood.)
Is your business growing in a new direction? Are there plans that would benefit from winning a cash prize at South Side Pitch?