In recent years, IJ’s work to protect private property rights has received coverage across a variety of publications, including mainstream news outlets as well as more niche outlets. This coverage reflects the diversity of the Americans who rely on these rights. The below are just a sample of the pieces we have secured on our property rights work.

The Greenville News: TAKEN: How Police Departments Make Millions By Seizing Property

Rolling Stone: The Supreme Court Unanimously Weighs In On Civil Forfeiture

Vox: Why The US Supreme Court’s New Ruling On Excessive Fines Is A Big Deal

The Root: Does A New Supreme Court Ruling Mean Police Can No Longer Use Asset Forfeiture to Enrich Their Departments?

The Atlantic: The Supreme Court Resuscitates The Eighth Amendment

People: Florida Retiree May Lose His Home Because He Didn’t Mow His Lawn: ‘It’s Outrageous’

Car and Driver: An Inside Look At Chicago’s Seedy Car-Impound Netherworld

Billboard: Nashville Restrictions On Home Recording Studio Overturned

E&E News: OIL AND GAS: Pipeline Eminent Domain Battle Lands At Supreme Court

Field and Stream: The Case Of The Hidden Trail Camera

Los Angeles Times: FBI Misled Judge Who Signed Warrant For Beverly Hills Seizure Of $86 Million In Cash

Reader’s Digest: 5 Most Absurd Foreclosure Stories

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