IJ’s Food Freedom Initiative

Do you own a food-related business that is facing problems or is even under threat of shutdown because of burdensome laws and regulations? Do you face excessive fines from the government if you don’t stop your business, take down an advertisement or dig up your garden?

IJ’s National Food Freedom Initiative is here to help. Fill out the form below and check out IJ’s reports, The Attack on Food Freedom and Flour Power, to learn more.

IJ’s National Food Freedom Initiative is a nationwide campaign that brings a variety of challenges to laws that interfere with the ability of people like you to make, buy, sell, eat, grow or advertise different foods.

Across the country, governments at every level are chipping away at the rights of food entrepreneurs through irrational and overly burdensome regulations.

From bakers in Wisconsin faced with up to $1,000 in fines for preparing treats in their home kitchens, to Texas craft breweries forced to give up their distribution rights for nothing, IJ fights to empower food entrepreneurs. Through litigation and grassroots activism, IJ continues to demonstrate the importance of liberty in the food industry.

How is the government limiting your food freedom?

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