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Pennsylvania Commercial Speech

Nazareth, Pennsylvania criminalizes the act of putting ‘for sale’ signs on cars that are parked on the street. Nazareth resident Will Cramer has teamed up with the Institute for Justice to file a lawsuit challenging this law.
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Virginia Fresh Start II

People who have overcome drug or alcohol addiction often want to help others overcome addiction, too. Their firsthand experience can make them particularly well-suited to guide others through recovery. Melissa Brown is one of those people. After struggling with drug…

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Illinois Unclaimed Property

David Knott wants to help people file paperwork to recover some of the billions of dollars in “unclaimed” property that is being held by the State of Illinois. But, to do so, the government says he needs a totally irrelevant…

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Texas Wrong House Raid

Everyone who visits a home for the first time—including delivery drivers, plumbers, and Girl Scouts—knows that you have to make sure you have the right address before barging in. Somehow, Waxahachie Police Department (WPD) Lieutenant Mike Lewis didn’t get the…
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Louisiana Open Fields

Louisiana game wardens have entered Tom Manuel’s land uninvited and without a warrant multiple times. He’s asking courts to follow the Louisiana Constitution and protect private property from unreasonable searches.
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Oregon Small Dairies

Small dairies are suing the Oregon Department of Agriculture after it applied rules meant for big dairies. The change came at the request of the dairy industry, not because of health or safety concerns.
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Virginia Retaliation

Theslet Benoir and Clemene Bastien are a married couple that immigrated to the United States from Haiti in 2005. They received asylum, settled in Parksley, Virginia, and opened a brick-and-mortar store that caters to the needs of the Eastern Shore’s…
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Michigan Green Cemetery

Americans want more choice for one of the last and most important decisions they will ever make: where to be buried. Peter and Annica Quakenbush want to provide fellow Michiganders with more choice by opening the state’s first conservation burial…

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North Carolina Legal Advice

The First Amendment’s protection for free speech isn’t limited to political advocacy or expressions of personal opinion—it extends to speech on all topics. That includes expert advice that people earn a living providing, an area known as occupational speech. Indeed,…

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