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Ohio Warrantless Inspections

A taxidermist was threatened with jail time after he asked a wildlife officer to get a warrant before searching his property. With the help of IJ, he’s fighting back to protect the privacy rights of all Ohioans.

Georgia Tiny Homes

Tiny House Hand Up is a nonprofit that builds affordable tiny homes for people in Calhoun, Georgia. But the city of Calhoun’s unconstitutional ban on building tiny homes has prevented THHU from helping people in Calhoun achieve their dream of homeownership. But the organization is fighting back with IJ’s help

Virginia Fresh Start

Rudy Carey wants to help people overcome addiction through counseling, but Virginia has decided he cannot do so because he has a prior criminal conviction. The Constitution protects Rudy’s right to earn an honest living, which is why he has partnered with IJ to challenge Virginia’s law that bars him from doing so.

US Private Vaults Seizure

FBI agents broke into hundreds of private security deposit box without warrants. Holding government officials accountable for violating Fourth Amendment rights is crucial to ensure similar abuses don’t occur in the future.

North Carolina Right to Shelter

The town of North Wilkesboro, North Carolina attempted to block the only homeless shelter in the county from opening its doors at a new location, relying on bogus claims that the shelter would be “unharmonious” with the neighborhood. After the shelter joined with IJ, a federal district court agreed they should be allowed to open.

Kermit Warren Forfeiture

DEA agents took Kermit Warren’s life savings from him when he was traveling to purchase a new truck for his tow truck business. They never charged Kermit with a crime. With IJ’s help, Kermit was able to challenge the forfeiture and get his money back.