Minnesota Interior Design

Since 2003, the Minnesota Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers has pursued legislation to license designers in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  Unsatisfied with the state’s certification that recognizes those who have completed an extensive education program and have work experience, ASID-Minnesota has tried four previous times to have the state employ its coercive powers to reduce the number of competitors who provide design services to commercial development projects.

Only three states—Florida, Louisiana and Nevada, plus the District of Columbia—regulate who may perform interior design work. In court and in legislatures accross the country, the Institute for Justice is committed to seeing these laws repealed or overturned and defeating ASID’s ongoing attempts to monopolize the interior design industry.  On March 2, 2010, the Committee of Commerce and Consumer Protection in Minnesota’s state senate took testimony from both the cartel as well as pro-liberty advocates from the Institute Justice, Professor Morris Kleiner, the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the Interior Design Protection Council and others.

Based on the overwhelming evidence that the legislation was animated by protectionism and not legitimate health and safety concerns, the Committee tabled the 2010 legislation thus ending the ASID-Minnesota’s legislative efforts for the fifth time.