How Your Birthday Creates a Gift for Liberty

Want an easy, fun way to support IJ’s fight for freedom that involves your family and friends? Consider IJ for your next Facebook Birthday Fundraiser!

Facebook created the birthday fundraiser option to make your special day even more meaningful by engaging your friends and family with a charity you love and support. Getting one set up only takes five minutes with five simple steps.

Here’s how it works:

  1. About two weeks before your birthday, Facebook will notify you of the opportunity to create a birthday fundraiser. The first step is selecting the nonprofit you wish to benefit. To select IJ, simply type in our name and select our logo.
  2. Once you’ve selected IJ, set a financial goal for your fundraiser. This goal gives your friends and family an estimate of how much you hope to raise. The typical amount ranges from $100 to $500.
  3. After establishing your fundraising goal, you can share the reasons IJ’s work resonates with you, or why you donate to our cause, in the comments section. This gives your friends and family insight into why IJ is important to you and how their donations will be put to immediate good use.
  4. Once you share a few words about IJ’s mission or success, you can choose your own cover photo. Get creative! This photo could be any favorite photo of yours, or your favorite IJ photo. We invite anyone hosting a fundraiser to download IJ’s logo or photos from our website! Each case page has a selection of high-resolution images to choose from.
  5. The last step in setting up your fundraiser is selecting a match amount. Matching is optional, but often kickstarts the donation process. After this, your fundraiser is published and available for your friends and family to donate.

If you need assistance setting up your Facebook Fundraiser for IJ, please contact Janell Cutrer by email at jcutrer@ij.org or by phone at (703) 682-9320, ext. 243.

By Julia Schultz, Institute for Justice Fall 2019 Development Intern

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