Keeping Up with the Institute for Justice

As you can see from this “case launch” issue of Liberty & Law, IJ is in the midst of an unprecedented amount of activity. We’re filing and winning a record number of cases while at the same time getting information about our litigation, clients, and issues to new audiences in ever more ways.

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of what we’re doing, or even just to dig into a few specific cases, here are some ways to keep up while waiting for Liberty & Law to hit your mailbox.

Subscribe to IJ’s YouTube channel. With over 50,000 subscribers and videos that have been viewed more than 14 million times, IJ’s YouTube channel is a great way to get a fun, fresh perspective on IJ’s work, hear directly from our clients and attorneys, and see firsthand the impact of your support. You can visit and subscribe at YouTube.com/InstituteForJustice.

Check out one of our podcasts. Whether you’re interested in legal analysis, historical content, or in-depth discussion of the issues behind IJ’s cases, we have a podcast for you. Find these podcasts wherever you download your favorites.

  • Short Circuit:

    Short Circuit Podcast

    IJ attorneys and special guests discuss important or interesting federal appeals court decisions. Informative and informal, Short Circuit is IJ’s flagship podcast. To listen or to sign up for the weekly email newsletter, visit ij.org/Short-Circuit.

  • Deep Dive:

    Deep Dive Logo

    In-depth, 30-minute conversations with IJ attorneys and staff about various aspects of our work. Ever wonder when—and why—we file amicus briefs? Curious where Blaine Amendments came from? Check out Deep Dive at ij.org/Deep-Dive.

  • Bound by Oath:

    Bound by Oath

    Documentary-style investigation into the history and meaning behind specific aspects of the Constitution. Season 1 traces the dramatic story of the 14th Amendment and includes interviews with legal scholars, historians, and individuals whose lives the Amendment affects today. To listen, go to ij.org/Bound-By-Oath.

  • How’s Business?:

    Hows Business

    Part of the IJ Clinic’s advocacy for Chicago entrepreneurs, this series of interviews with company founders details their experiences getting—and staying—in business in the Windy City. Hear from them at howsbusinesschi.com.

Melanie Hildreth is IJ’s vice president
for external relations and editor of
Liberty & Law.

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