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IJ Sets New Selz Legacy Challenge Goal

As you may recall from last October’s Liberty & Law, this past fall we launched the Bernard and Lisa Selz Legacy Challenge. Inspired by a generous $2 million challenge grant from longtime donors Bernard and Lisa Selz, we set a goal of securing $50 million in planned gift pledges by January 2019.

We were blown away by the early response. In only three months, we secured over $48 million in pledges—bringing us 97 percent of the way to that original $50 million goal. Making each of these gifts go even further, Bernard and Lisa contributed current matching funds of over $1 million dollars to the Institute for Justice.

But at IJ, we never rest on our laurels. With the excitement this challenge has generated, we are doubling our efforts and setting a new goal of $100 million. And there is still over $700,000 in matching funds to earn.

Please join us and make the enduring impact of the Institute for Justice a part of your legacy by including IJ in your will or other estate plans. For every bequest pledge we receive, Bernard and Lisa will provide a current cash donation to IJ worth 10 percent of the pledged gift’s value—up to $25,000 per pledge.

The gifts generated by this campaign are funding IJ’s fight now and securing the future we create with our victories for liberty inside and outside the courtroom. We will continue to wage this campaign to meet our new $100 million goal and to earn the matching funds that Bernard and Lisa have so generously offered. All of us at IJ encourage you to participate in the Selz Legacy Challenge and set the stage for IJ’s success for generations to come.

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