Using Your IRA to Support the Fight for Freedom

Are you over 70½ years old? If so, you may qualify for the IRA Charitable Transfer, which allows individuals to make direct transfers from an IRA to a qualified charity like the Institute for Justice. These distributions can satisfy all or part of your required minimum distribution and do not need to be recognized as income for federal income tax purposes. That means they may offer a tax benefit even for donors who take the standard deduction. Read more about current gifts through your IRA, and learn how to make this type of gift, at ij.org/IRA-gifts.

You can also use IRA assets to support IJ in the long term simply by making IJ a beneficiary of your retirement account. It’s the easiest way to ensure IJ has the resources to preserve individual liberties for decades to come—no need to meet with an attorney. And by making IJ a beneficiary of an IRA or other retirement account before December 31, 2018, your future gift will generate immediate matching funds for IJ thanks to a generous challenge grant. Please see the insert in this issue of Liberty & Law or go to ij.org/Selz for more information on the Selz Legacy Challenge and how you can participate.

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