What is Your Legacy?

IJ Announces the Bernard & Lisa Selz Legacy Challenge

As we celebrate two and a half decades of litigating for liberty, we reflect on the impact of the Institute for Justice’s first 25 years, and we look ahead to the next 25 years and beyond—to continuing a legacy that has left each community where IJ has been more free.

We now have an opportunity to secure and build on that legacy. We invite you to join us and to make the enduring impact of the Institute for Justice part of your legacy as well.

One of the most important ways to preserve IJ’s victories and to be part of our long-term success is to make a lasting commitment to our fight by including the Institute for Justice in your estate plans—whether that is with a gift through a will or by making IJ the beneficiary of a retirement plan or other account.

Because this kind of support is vital to our effectiveness, this fall we launched a major new campaign to secure $50 million in planned gift commitments by January 2019.

The catalyst for the campaign is a new challenge grant from longtime IJ donors Bernard and Lisa Selz. They have pledged $2 million to match bequest commitments to IJ from other donors.

Bernard and Lisa cherish liberty. They want to know that people throughout the nation will have the Institute for Justice at their side to protect them, preserving the freedoms they value. The Bernard and Lisa Selz Legacy Challenge will be indispensable to ensuring that IJ has the kind of resources necessary to stand with those who stand up for their rights and for the rights of others—now and for future generations.

For every bequest pledge we receive, Bernard and Lisa will provide a current cash donation to IJ worth 10 percent of the pledged gift’s value—up to $25,000 per pledge. This means that bequests to the Institute for Justice now have a vital impact not only on our future, but also on our fight today.

Through this campaign, Bernard and Lisa and the IJ donors who join them will enable us to defend liberty as long as it is challenged.

We are grateful that many IJ supporters have included the Institute for Justice in their long-term planning, and we look to them to inaugurate this campaign. To those who have not yet made a charitable provision for IJ:  Please consider doing so. It is one of the best investments in liberty you can make.

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