October 2019, Volume 28, Issue 5

School Choice Espinoza Clients go to the Supreme Court

IJ Returns to the U.S. Supreme Court to Champion the Rights of Parents and Children

IJ is heading back to the U.S. Supreme Court this term in our third appearance at the High Court in just one year. This time, we will represent Montana parents and children in a case that is the crescendo of nearly 30 years of strategic litigation by IJ to secure educational choice. The case, Espinoza…

MI First Amendment Lawsuit on labeling veggie burgers

Meatless Burgers, Meaty First Amendment Issues

Nowadays, many summer cookouts may feature veggie burgers and vegan hot dogs along with the more traditional meaty offerings. But a new law in Mississippi threatens to destroy the market for these meat alternatives by making it illegal for vegetarian and vegan food manufacturers to use the name of any meat or meat product in…

Granite City IJ Clients, Jessica and Kenny

(No) Crime and Punishment in Granite City, Illinois

BOOM BOOM BOOM. The aggressive knock was unmistakably the knock of a police officer.  IJ Attorney Sam Gedge and I looked at each other, wondering whether we should have brushed up on our Fourth Amendment law before we came to town. But the banging was not a precursor to a major law enforcement raid. Instead,…

Texas Doctor Dispensing

Dispensing Justice in Texas: IJ Challenges Protectionist State Health Care Law

The last thing sick patients want to do after seeing their doctors is stand in line at a pharmacy for basic medication—and in most of the country, they don’t have to. Forty-five states and the District of Columbia allow doctors, if they choose, to dispense medication directly to patients in their offices. This practice, known…

VA Novelist being taxed

Want to Write a Novel? You’ll Need a License for That

Novelist John Hart describes his job as “making a living off pure imagination.” But even this best-selling author of literary thrillers couldn’t have imagined that the simple act of typing at his dining room table would make him a criminal in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. This past summer, Charlottesville tax collectors sent John and…

Tax Credits for Scholarship Donations Family

Nevada Families Sue to Restore Tax Credits for Scholarship Donations

As students nationwide return to school, some Nevada children are facing a heartbreaking reality: They can’t go back to the schools where they were thriving. That’s because, earlier this year, the Nevada Legislature significantly altered the state’s Educational Choice Scholarship Program, eliminating a provision that annually increased the amount of tax credits available to businesses…

New Alfie Gallun Fellow

Anya Bidwell Named New Elfie Gallun Fellow in Freedom and the Constitution

In July, IJ announced that attorney Anya Bidwell would succeed attorney Sam Gedge as the Institute’s third Elfie Gallun Fellow in Freedom and the Constitution. As you may recall from previous issues of Liberty & Law, this prestigious fellowship was established in 2014 by longtime IJ supporters Elfie and Ned Gallun. Elfie’s deep appreciation for liberty…

Larry, an IJ Vendor

Looking for a Savvy Way to Support IJ? Make a Gift From Your IRA!

If you are age 70½ or older, you can transfer up to $100,000 tax free from your IRA to qualified charitable organizations like the Institute for Justice. These kinds of gifts are great options for those who must take a required minimum distribution but don’t need the funds and don’t want to add to their…

Institute for Justice Logo

Keeping Up with the Institute for Justice

As you can see from this “case launch” issue of Liberty & Law, IJ is in the midst of an unprecedented amount of activity. We’re filing and winning a record number of cases while at the same time getting information about our litigation, clients, and issues to new audiences in ever more ways. If you…

IJ Makes Headlines Feature Text

IJ Makes Headlines

These articles and editorials are just a sample of recent favorable local and national pieces IJ has secured. By getting our message out in print, radio, broadcast, and online media, we show the real-world consequences of government restrictions on individual liberty—and make the case for change to judges, legislators and regulators, and the general public.…

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