Niche-Beauty Services Opportunity Act

Hairstyling salons, commonly known as ‘blow dry bars’, are experiencing increased popularity across the country. Unlike traditional cosmetology salons, hairstyling salons offer safe, limited services including shampooing, blow drying and styling hair. These specialty salons do not cut hair or use chemicals or dyes.

New hairstyling salons are becoming a favored specialty provider for consumers and offer new opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs in the multimillion-dollar cosmetology industry. However, most states require hairstylists be licensed as cosmetologists. These full-service licenses create unnecessary barriers for those wanting to offer niche services. Such licenses require potential workers to spend thousands of dollars and hours to attend cosmetology schools. Hairstylists will incur significant debt for training that is unneeded.

IJ’s Niche-Beauty Services Opportunity Act exempts hairstylists from occupational licensing laws. Individuals who solely want to  shampoo, condition, dry, and style hair using basic tools, like blow dryers and brushes, are free to do so without a cosmetology license.

The model also exempts (a) eyelash extension application, makeup application, natural hair braiding, and threading, and (b) the salons that provide only such niche services from facility licenses.

By enacting IJ’s Niche-Beauty Services  Opportunity Act, state legislators can remove needless obstacles and create opportunities. Legislators can help individual entrepreneurs – as well as franchisors and franchisees – to enter into the beauty market. IJ’s model is a proven means for states to adapt to the changes in the beauty industry.