The Institute for Justice holds its acclaimed boot camp in Arlington, VA each summer. A select group of top law students take part in this three-day conference on changing the world through the IJ way of public interest litigation.

The annual conference covers the Institute for Justice’s four litigation pillars: First Amendment rights, school choice, economic liberty and private property rights. These topics are taught alongside others rarely discussed in law school or graduate programs, such as: natural rights theory, public interest litigation tactics, cutting-edge constitutional theories, media skills, and the use of social science research. The faculty combines IJ attorneys and staff members with leading law professors and legal experts. The conference’s keynote speaker is always a distinguished jurist, who offers a view of public interest law from the bench. After attending this intensive introduction to IJ style public interest law, the IJ Way, participants are able to recognize and seize public interest opportunities in the future.

Law students who are passionate about liberty and seek to gain more knowledge about public interest law litigated the IJ Way are invited to apply. The application for the 2018 Law Student Conference is now closed.