Unpublished Opinions 2 | Justice Holmes Love Letters

It’s the second episode of Unpublished Opinions, a Short Circuit podcast. This time we’re once again joined by Institute for Justice attorney Anya Bidwell, but also welcome along her colleague Josh Windham. We start things rolling and see where their legal minds go. And that begins with cameras in the courtroom, something that divides the panel quite sharply. Would the Supreme Court change if cameras were introduced? Would it change for the better? Then we shift to judges and their busy schedules. What’s up with judges not reading briefs before an argument? Is it really all that bad? How prepared must a judge be to be a “prepared judge”? After this we move along to legal writing and judges writing to be too “hip.” Josh has some thoughts on this, which the rest of the panel are . . . somewhat skeptical of. But we end on a compromise everyone can, hopefully, agree on.

Short Circuit episode on “cool judges” with Raffi Melkonian

Article on Judicial Opinions by Nina Varsava

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