Oregon requires CONs within five broad categories—hospital beds, beds outside hospitals, equipment, facilities and services. Most of its 43 CON requirements apply to facilities and services, but the state’s facility requirements do not always apply uniformly. For example, out of all types of healthcare facilities, only hospitals, intermediate care facilities and skilled nursing facilities must obtain a CON to relocate. Oregon further maintains a robust application regime and utilizes four different levels of review to consider CON applications. See Or. Admin. R. 333-560-0020, -0120, -0150, 333-570-0070.

COVID-19 Response

As of May 15, 2020, Oregon had not suspended any CON requirements in response to COVID-19.

Application Process

In Oregon, depending on whether the CON application is subject to full, abbreviated, expedited or accelerated review, the CON application process can take up to four months. Or. Admin. R. 333-570-0070. Applications can be submitted at any time. The fee for a CON application varies according to the project cost and the type of review, and it can range from $5,000 to $90,900. Or. Admin. R. 333-565-000, Table 4. Competitors can intervene in the application process and can offer evidence or argument as to why an application should be denied. Or. Admin. R. 333-560-0020, -0120, -0150, 333-570-0070.

CON? Number of CONs Moratoria Temporary COVID-19 response:
Hospital Beds Yes 2 No action
Beds Outside Hospitals Yes 6 No action
Equipment Yes 5 No action
Facilities/ Buildings Yes 15 No action
Services Yes 15 No action
Emergency Medical Transport No