Door Repair Contractor

License to Work: A National Study of Burdens from Occupational Licensing

License to Work: A National Study of Burdens from Occupational Licensing


License required in 35 states
27th most burdensome licensing requirements
20th most heavily regulated occupation

(Last updated April 24, 2012)


Door repair contractors, also known as door installer contractors or garage door mechanics, contract with clients to install, service or repair opening and closing mechanisms of automatic doors and hydraulic doors.


Thirty-four states and the District of Columbia require a license to work as a door repair contractor. On average, these laws cost door repair contractors 407 days of training and $282 in fees and require them to take one exam -- the 27th most burdensome requirements of the 102 occupations studied.

License requirements for door repair contractors vary widely across states. Arkansas has the most burdensome requirements at five years lost to training, one exam and $175 in fees, while another 11 states require two years or more of experience. At the other end of the spectrum, Idaho only requires a $30 fee and Nebraska a $40 fee. Twenty-two of the states that license door repair contractors require no education or training.

(Last updated April 30, 2012)

State Licensing Requirements

Burden RankStateFeesEducation/Experience (Days)ExamsMinimum GradeMinimum Age

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