Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester

License to Work: A National Study of Burdens from Occupational Licensing

License to Work: A National Study of Burdens from Occupational Licensing


License required in 18 states
75th most burdensome licensing requirements
55th most heavily regulated occupation

(Last updated April 24, 2012)


Backflow prevention devices are needed on public water systems to contain contaminants from entering the public water system through back-siphonage or back-pressure of the water and contaminants. Backflow prevention assembly testers inspect containment devices, which include double-check valves and reduced pressure zone devices, to ensure that the devices meet the requirements of acceptable containment devices.


Seventeen states and the District of Columbia require licenses for backflow prevention assembly testers, and most require courses that take fewer than 10 days to complete, plus one or two exams and fees. Texas, the state with the most burdensome requirements, requires a 40-hour course as well as two years of experience in a water-related field. All licensed states except Wisconsin require either one or two exams.

(Last updated May 2, 2012)

State Licensing Requirements

Burden RankStateFeesEducation/Experience (Days)ExamsMinimum GradeMinimum Age

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