The authors are grateful to the many individuals who contributed to this study. This report would not exist without the ingenuity of Dick Carpenter. His leadership on research design and analysis was essential in bringing the study to life. Amy Hunter was an able partner in creating the dataset and drafted the initial analyses. Mindy Menjou shepherded the report from writing through production. Her expertise and meticulous editing were invaluable.

Kyle Sweetland, Xudong (George) Tan and the IJ Summer Clerk Class of 2018 researched the occupations’ legislative outcomes. Riley League, Aurora Jaques, Alec Mena, Rachel Rozenboom, Ava Mouton-Johnston, Anthony Laudadio, Zachary Popovich and Harrison Weeks assisted with public records requests, organizing records, data entry, data cleaning and data checking. Jennifer McDonald provided guidance with the analysis. Scott Bullock, Dana Berliner, Lee McGrath, Meagan Forbes, Robert McNamara, Jaimie Cavanaugh and Reneé Flaherty reviewed the report and provided feedback that strengthened and clarified the content. Evan Lisull carefully cite-checked the report at various stages of production. He also proofed the report, along with Michael Greenberg and Bob Belden. Jason Tiezzi created the eye-catching data visuals. Erin Nogle created the beautiful layout and design, and Nathalie Walker designed the polished cover as well as the template for the state profiles.

The authors also extend a special thanks to Brian Tobias, Lauren Hibbert and Elizabeth Carter, who generously gave their time for interviews.