Doe v. Cong. of the United States

Fun fact: The first phrase inscribed on U.S. currency was “Mind Your Business.” After the Civil War, “In God We Trust” started to appear on coins; Congress did not mandate it on all currency until 1955. Does the phrase violate the statutory rights of plaintiffs, who do not so trust (or otherwise object to the inscription)? The Sixth Circuit says no; they can pay by check or credit. Dissent: Lots of transactions are cash only. And as the gov’t hasn’t produced a compelling reason why the phrase is necessary to further its goals (communicating “the fundamental values on which our system of governmentis founded” to the world), this suit should not have been dismissed.

Tags: 2018, Due Process, Equal Protection, First Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, Free Exercise Clause, Freedom of Speech, Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Sixth Circuit

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