Manners v. Cannella

Hollywood, Fla. officer makes to pull man over at 3 a.m. for allegedly running a stop sign. The man, Livingston Manners, drives slowly for a tenth of mile to a well-lit gas station. Officer: Manners struggled when I tried to cuff him; he punched me and choked me. Manners: Not true; the officer lied on his report, resulting in bogus attempted-murder charge. (The charge is dropped before trial; a jury acquits Manners of resisting without violence, battery on an officer.) His defense costs $30k; he loses his job while awaiting trial. Can he sue the officer? Eleventh Circuit: Even if Manners didn’t run a stop sign, there was probable cause to arrest because of his tenth-of-a-mile flight. And video shows he struggled. Qualified immunity.

Tags: 2018, Eleventh Circuit, Police, Qualified Immunity

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