Miranda v. County of Lake

Allegation: Woman is arrested for disregarding jury duty summons, though as a noncitizen she is ineligible to serve. She pulls away from a Lake County, Ill. officer as he handcuffs her and gets charged with resisting arrest as well. She’s re-arrested for failing to appear in court on that charge. She declines food, water. Jail staff know immediately she has mental health needs but do not summon medical help. Rather, doctors see her on their routine scheduled visits the following week; she’s diagnosed as psychotic, but no further steps are taken. She’s transferred to the hospital two weeks into the hunger strike; it’s too late; she dies. Seventh Circuit: Some claims against the medical staff should not have been dismissed, but no suing jail officials.

Tags: 2018, Due Process, Police, Qualified Immunity, Seventh Circuit

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