Peterson v. Heymes

A sexagenarian is raped and murdered in her Kalkaska, Mich. home in 1996. Following a tip from a jailhouse informant, police home in on 22-year-old suffering from brain damage and mental illness. He confesses after nine interrogations and multiple lie detector tests. Two DNA samples are on the victim—the inmate does not match one, and the other cannot be tested using then-available technology. He’s convicted anyway. After improvements in DNA technology, the other DNA sample is tested in 2013, and it also excludes the inmate. His conviction is vacated, he’s released, and he sues the officers who interrogated him for coercing the confession, plus the county. Sixth Circuit: No qualified immunity for two of the officers. (Click here for some local journalism.)

Tags: 2019, Police, Qualified Immunity, Sixth Circuit

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