Piazza v. Jefferson County, Alabama

Allegation: Detainee suffering from alcohol withdrawal pulls away from Birmingham, Ala. jail officers trying to take him to cell. He’s tased, falls to the floor motionless, urinates on himself. He doesn’t respond to order to roll over and be handcuffed. He’s tased again. He dies. Eleventh Circuit: His son can sue the officer for excessive force. But no suing the officer’s superiors for inadequate medical screening procedures, allowing insufficiently trained officers to make decisions affecting medical care. (The local press interviewed a former chief deputy: “People die in jail just like anywhere else. This wasn’t due to anything other than poor health and habits but, as you would expect, there is always an ambulance chaser with a dream of winning the lottery at taxpayer’s expense. God bless him.”)

Tags: 2019, Deliberate Indifference, Eleventh Circuit, Excessive Force, Qualified Immunity

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