Rodriguez v. County of Los Angeles

Allegation: After disturbance in Los Angeles County jail (in which inmates light fires, break stuff), officers maliciously and sadistically beat no-longer-resisting inmates, tasing them repeatedly in sensitive areas and breaking their bones while yelling “stop resisting.” Video (mandated by county policy) inexplicably goes missing. Jury: Nineteen officers, including supervisors who condoned culture of excessive force, and the county are liable. Pay $950k damages. District court: Plus $5 mil attorneys’ fees. Defendants: This suit shouldn’t have been allowed to go; the inmates didn’t take mandatory prelitigation step of filing complaint forms. Ninth Circuit: In retaliation for filing a complaint, guards put an inmate in yard with rival gang members who attacked him with razor blades. Affirmed.

Tags: 2018, Excessive Force, Ninth Circuit, Retaliation

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