Stevens-Rucker v. City of Columbus, OH

Allegation: Decorated Iraq war vet suffers mental health crisis, enters woman’s apartment, apparently thinking it’s his own, at 5 a.m., carrying large knife. He leaves without harming her, tries to get back in. Columbus, Ohio police confront him outside, shoot at him; he flees; they give chase, shoot him dead. Sixth Circuit: Qualified immunity. Judge Stranch, partially dissenting: A jury might think shooting him again, after he’d collapsed on the ground, and then failing to render aid (other than calling EMTs, who arrived after his death) is unlawful. And while we’re on the topic of qualified immunity, “I think we have embarked on the wrong road and the place to which it leads will prove detrimental to law enforcement, those with mental health issues, and our society as a whole.”

Tags: 2018, Judge Stranch, Police, Qualified Immunity, Sixth Circuit

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