United States v. Perillo

Noblesville, Ind. police find defendant, who was displeased with her boyfriend’s ex-wife’s lawyer, hiding with her son in the lawyer’s husband’s car and a loaded handgun, binoculars, a plastic bag, latex gloves, a knife, a rubber tourniquet, a syringe that contained a potentially lethal dose of succinylcholine (a paralytic). A search of defendant’s car yields ammunition, duct tape, a long blonde wig, two machetes, a tranquilizer gun and darts, alcohol pads, syringes, a “commando” saw, a hammer, a shovel with dirt on it, three license plates, a walking cane, a priest disguise, and a full-headed silicone mask depicting an elderly man’s face. Seventh Circuit: No need to reconsider defendant’s convictions.

Tags: 2018, Plea Deals, Sentencing, Seventh Circuit

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