Waste Management of Louisiana, L.L.C. v. River Birch, Inc.

The great philosopher David Hume argued that if you see one billiard ball strike another, after which the first ball stops and the second ball acquires motion, you don’t really see the first ball cause the second to move; you just see one event follow the other. A Humean district court judge might apply similar reasoning to this New Orleans waste disposal company, which made $20k in illegal campaign contributions through four shell corporations to former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for accepting (unrelated) bribes), after which Mayor Nagin canceled a competing waste disposal company’s landfill contract. Fifth Circuit (over a Humean dissent): This RICO case by the aggrieved competitor should have gone to a jury.

Tags: 2019, Bribery, Fifth Circuit, RICO

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