WBY, Inc. v. DeKalb County, Georgia

DeKalb County, Ga. deploys 36 officials—some wearing army fatigues and masks—to launch an unannounced, profanity-laced raid on . . . a strip club. At 5 p.m. For the sole purpose of checking the dancers’ permits. Which was pretty over the top, says the club—not least because the club’s colitis-ridden owner was handcuffed and forced to soil himself. Definitely over the top, agrees a jury: The county violated the Fourth Amendment and must pay over $10k. And we will not disturb that verdict, says the Eleventh Circuit. “Administrative inspections” of strips clubs are constitutional as a general matter, but the jury reasonably found that this particular sh*tshow (paraphrased) was unreasonable in scope and execution.

Tags: 2019, Eleventh Circuit, Fourth Amendment, Searches and Seizures

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