Willson v. City of Bel-Nor, Missouri

Since 2014, Bel-Nor, Mo. resident has displayed a “Black Lives Matter” sign in his front yard; since 2016, he has also displayed two (now-outdated) political signs. City: Under our ordinance, you’re allowed one “sign” and one “flag”—which we’ve defined to mean a piece of fabric that is a “symbol of a government or institution”—and none of your signs are a flag. Eighth Circuit: The city’s different treatment of “signs” and “flags” is content based. A banner with an Army logo would qualify as a “flag,” but one with a Cardinals logo wouldn’t. That makes the ordinance likely invalid under the First Amendment, so the resident gets a preliminary injunction while the case proceeds.

Tags: 2019, Eighth Circuit, First Amendment, Free Speech, Preliminary Injunction

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