“Almost from IJ’s creation, I’ve been a contributor, albeit with small annual donations. I also contribute regularly to a dozen other free-market organizations. Then, in a conversation a year or two ago, a friend made this observation: The think tanks and academic groups do important work, but only IJ is in the trenches every day—fighting government abuses, winning battles for liberty, and making a difference in the lives of individuals.

“This was a ‘eureka!’ moment, instantly motivating me to revise my will and make IJ a major beneficiary. And it’s why, of all the many worthwhile freedom-movement groups, I decided that IJ was most deserving of my legacy support.

“At a lunch at IJ’s donor conference, I was seated between two of its clients: a hairbraider and a victim of eminent domain, both of whose cases IJ had won. It was thrilling to meet some of the people whose victories contributors like me helped make possible.”

Don Hauptman, writer, New York City