“In 2010 I tired of the claims on my wallet by so-called freedom institutions residing in Washington, D.C.

“I concluded that these organizations had lost their way and had become ineffective. The evidence of this was the unrelenting growth of government under current and past administrations. If these institutions had been affective this growth would have at least been slowed. No such claim could be made.

“The unproven claim they made was that all of the monographs, studies, presentations, speeches and articles written and presented by them made a difference and the situation would be much worse had they not. Yes, they did claim that their work was read and acknowledged by leaders and policy makers throughout government, and of both political parties, but the bottom line was that once these “leaders” left the room they went back to their usual ways after claiming their attendance proved their principles. In addition, all the dinners, high image gatherings, and scholarly education seminars shown in the institutional mailings convinced me only that the attendees got a good ego stroking and self-congratulatory lift, but signified nothing of real importance.

“My anger at seeing our government indebtedness rise and our freedoms eroded caused me to look for a better way. I concluded that the only way to rein in the politician/lawyers was to use the law against them. The IJ was the only organization I found dedicated and qualified to that end.

“I have never been disappointed in my decision to support IJ. They win cases in court that have tangible effects. The bi-monthly publication Liberty & Law evidences that claim.”

G. Gregory Bauer, Oakland, CA