“Everyone wants to carry on a legacy, and I cannot think of a more deserving organization than the Institute for Justice as a beneficiary because not only do I want my descendants to live in a free country, I want them to know how important liberty is to me.

“When I am gone I will not be finished – the money I leave the Institute for Justice through my will and trust will carry on for generations whether it be through education opportunities for children, economic opportunities for US citizens, ensuring free speech that otherwise would be silenced, and protection for property owners who face illegal takings from our government.

“All four focus areas, or pillars of IJ: educational choice, free speech, economic liberty, and private property rights must be enforced to keep our beloved country free and prosperous. The Institute for Justice is a highly-rated charity using every dollar given to the greatest benefit. They bring tangible results, winning 70% of cases, removing the premise that the US government doesn’t have to defend its actions, and they use multiple cases and strategic planning to be more effective.

“I make IJ visible every day with my Institute for justice tattoo, the IJ sticker on my car, the IJ shirts I wear to work and out in public, the contributions through Amazon Smile, recycling the newsletters, sharing IJ success stories on social media, and my automatic donation to IJ every month. There are so many ways to spread the good news about IJ but donating to IJ makes me very proud, it’s very easy and it makes me feel like I am doing something important. So even if I’m busy working on a fitness challenge, creating art, raising my family and working in finance I still feel as if I have helped to make the US a better place by donating to IJ.”

Jennifer Schulz, Waxhaw, NC