“I believe I first became aware of the Institute for Justice back in the early ‘90s, through my subscription to Reason Magazine and the Cato Institution’s newsletter. As a long-time, libertarian-leaning and freedom-loving individual, I was immediately attracted to IJ’s principled commitment to civil liberties. In my view, IJ was what the ACLU was *supposed* to be, but had long ago failed at as they moved away from a principled defense of civil liberties and embraced the leftist agenda.

“As a ‘libertarian Christian,’ I view IJ as eminently worthy of my long-term support because in their defense of individual liberty and in their attempts to re-establish a constitutional basis for economic freedom, they are doing more to embrace the Christian ethic of caring for ‘the least among us.’

“I particularly appreciate IJ’s efforts against eminent domain and civil asset forfeiture abuse, although I of course am also very encouraged by all of IJ’s focus areas, such as occupational licensing reform. As a recent retiree from engineering, and as one who has long dreamed about an alternative career in constitutional law, I find myself increasingly living vicariously through the stories of IJ’s battles against governmental abuse of all kinds. I just finished reading Damon Root’s ‘Overruled,’ and was pleased to see all of the positive citations for IJ’s work.”

Thomas and Linda Sartorius, Raleigh, NC