Brooke Fallon


Associate Director of Activism

Brooke Fallon is the Associate Director of Activism at the Institute for Justice. Brooke teaches activists across the country how to fight for their rights to own property and earn an honest living. Through organizing, trainings, coalition building, and public outreach, Brooke helps entrepreneurs and property owners stand up and make their voices heard against the threat of government abuses of power.

Before joining IJ’s activism team Brooke worked in IJ’s Clinic on Entrepreneurship where she focused on knocking down barriers for low-income entrepreneurs in Chicago.

Brooke received her B.A in International Studies from the University of Chicago. Prior to joining the Institute for Justice, Brooke worked at several nonprofits in the Chicago area, including the Center for What Works, the University of Chicago Community Service Center, and Heartland Alliance.

Research and Reports

  • August 9, 2018    |    Legal and Policy Studies

    Expropriation in Puerto Rico

    Policy Brief and Report Card

    In a new report (released August 6), the Institute for Justice (IJ) gives Puerto Rico’s eminent domain laws a grade of “F.” IJ is a nonprofit, civil liberties law firm dedicated to ending eminent domain abuse:  when the government seizes private property not for traditional public uses, but for private development. The report examines Puerto…

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