Ricard Pochkhanawala


Research Attorney

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Ricard Pochkhanawala researches and comments on constitutional law issues, and provides strategic advice to other lawyers and clients in developing and advocating novel legal arguments.

Ricard analyzes state and local government and court practices in the context of fines and fees that implicate property rights, and the constitutional guarantees of equal protection of the law and due process. He also researches and writes on federalism, the separation of powers doctrine and constitutional structure, and individual rights. Ricard has spoken repeatedly on constitutional law issues on the Short Circuit podcast.

After graduating from Duke University with honors in political science, Ricard earned his law degree from The Washington University in Saint Louis School of Law. He was a judicial extern at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.

For over a decade, Ricard was a litigation and research lawyer at American, Canadian, and international law firms. He briefed cases on the merits and on applications for leave to appeal (certiorari) to the Supreme Court of Canada and the Courts of Appeal, developed new lines of argument, and represented clients at every stage of the litigation process. Ricard is a member of the bar in Ontario and British Columbia.

A keen student of history, Ricard has led discussion groups and tours of museums and other sites of interest. He grew up attending British schools in Dubai, U.A.E., where his family was then based.

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