Scott is a Litigation Fellow at the Institute for Justice, working to vindicate the rights and liberties all individuals ought to enjoy in pursuit of their flourishing.

Before joining IJ, Scott was a partner at a large, international law firm in New York City, where he focused on transactional matters.

A proud native of Upstate New York, Scott received his law degree from Cornell Law School and his bachelor’s degree in economics from Hamilton College.

Outside of work, Scott embraces any opportunity to read a novel, test his mettle with trivia, hop on a road bike, or stretch his legs on a run in the natural splendor surrounding our nation’s capital.

Scott 's Cases

Civil Forfeiture | Private Property

Texas Forfeiture II

Harris County, Texas, has an unconstitutional financial incentive for law enforcement to seize property and cash excessively without probable cause, often sweeping up innocent people in the process. Ameal Woods and Jordan Davis are two…