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our issues

Economic Liberty

IJ believes that all people have the right to earn an honest living in the occupation of their choice without arbitrary, unnecessary, or protectionist government interference. We defend mostly lower-income workers against unjust licensing, permitting, and other restrictions.

Property Rights

IJ is the preeminent defender of property rights for ordinary people. We protect the right of all Americans to own and enjoy their property free from unjust seizures, searches, and fines.

First Amendment

IJ fights for the right to speak freely about the issues that matter most to ordinary people and to defend the free flow of information essential to democratic government and free enterprise.

Immunity & Accountability

IJ works to eliminate barriers to government accountability, including qualified immunity and other legal doctrines that let government workers violate constitutional rights with impunity.

What We’ve Done

How We Do It

Each case IJ files is crafted to set a precedent that will protect the rights of countless others like our clients. By building up hundreds of victories over our three decades, IJ is changing the law and enabling ever more Americans to pursue their dreams. But we know that success in court alone is not enough.

So we engage in legislative advocacy and grassroots activism, author original research, deploy award-winning communications, and operate a clinic for low-income entrepreneurs and a center of scholarship and debate on the proper role of the judiciary. Together, these activities are changing the law and the real-world experience of individuals across the country.

Recent Cases

Our History

Founded in 1991, the Institute for Justice has grown from a five-person startup to a nationally recognized civil liberties law firm with offices in six states. In that time, we’ve litigated more than 400 cases and represented more than 1,200 clients.