$1 Million New Donor Challenge


Join IJ Today and Your Donation Will Be Matched!

For a limited time, all donations from new and lapsed donors will be matched dollar for dollar—up to $1 million—thanks to a generous challenge grant from two longtime IJ donors.

IJ’s work to make America a more just and free place for everyone has never been more important. And we’ve never been more successful. We have more cases in litigation than ever before and have been notching litigation victories at the U.S. Supreme Court, state supreme courts, and federal courts of appeals. 

The donors who provided this challenge grant want this success to continue—and they want to secure it into the future. That's why they've pledged $1 million to help grow IJ's base of support.

How Does It Work?

If you have never donated to IJ before—or if it has been more than two years since your last donation—your gift will be doubled through the challenge grant. What’s more, while matching funds are available, the donors who provided this challenge grant will also match second contributions from any eligible donors.

Here are some examples of qualifying gifts:

  • Your last donation to IJ was three years ago. You donate $50 today. Six months from now, you donate another $50. The challenge grant doubles both gifts, meaning your donations will generate an additional $100 in matching funds for IJ. 
  • You're a first-time donor who signs up to donate $25 per month. Your first and second month's donations are doubled, resulting in $50 worth of matching funds for IJ.

How Can I Participate?

Simply make a donation and IJ staff will determine if your gift is eligible for the challenge grant. There's no need to let us know that you'd like your donation matched. If you have questions about the new donor challenge or support for IJ, please contact Megan Jaye at (703) 682-9320 ext. 230 or mjaye@ij.org.

You can make a secure online donation right on this page, or see other ways to support IJ.

Can Current Donors Help IJ Meet This Challenge?

Yes! If you are already a supporter of IJ but want to be part of our push to earn the full $1 million in matching funds, we would love to have your help!

Referrals are an incredibly important source of support, and some of IJ’s most generous and steadfast contributors were first referred to us by a friend.

Referrals can be as simple as an email or conversation about an IJ case or issue you find particularly compelling. We would also be happy to send you extra copies of Liberty & Law to share or to send a copy directly to someone you recommend. Simply email melanie@ij.org to request IJ materials.

Another option is to sponsor a crowdfunding campaign through IJ’s website. You can set goals, match donations, and tell your network why you believe supporting the Institute for Justice makes a difference. All contributions will go directly to our work fighting government abuse and protecting individual rights—and gifts from new supporters will earn matching funds!

Go to ij.org/sponsor-a-crowdfunding-campaign-for-ij/ to get started.

As we approach our fourth decade of litigating for liberty, there is no limit on what we can achieve with increased support for our strategic and principled approach to change. Thank you for putting IJ in a position of strength—and for helping secure our future at this extraordinary time.


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