Help us get D.C. scholarship students the laptops and internet they need to learn virtually

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My name is Virginia Walden Ford, and I'm a mom from D.C.  For years, I fought alongside low-income families who were tired of our children being forced to attend failing public schools simply because we lived in the “wrong” neighborhood and could not afford to escape.  And we were successful—D.C.'s Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) has allowed thousands of kids to access a quality, private education, and our children have thrived.

But the pandemic has created a new challenge: many OSP students don't have the technology needed to learn virtually.

Many of our scholars lack the resources to secure the two essentials to continue their education during COVID-19: laptops and internet access.  These students are falling further behind as time passes.

We are now ready to get over 100 students online and 100 laptops distributed—with more to come.

My friends at the Institute for Justice have a solution.  They have worked closely with schools, the OSP, and service providers, and they are ready to roll out internet and hardware to students in need.  But we need more funds.

I'm helping them raise $75,000, every dollar of which will go towards laptops and internet service.

These families have fought too hard for this opportunity for their children, only to be paralyzed by this pandemic.  We need to get them the technology support they need to participate in school—and not let this setback impose yet another obstacle to the education of these at-risk kids. We can't allow COVID-19 to derail the progress they have made.

Thank you for your consideration!


Virginia Walden Ford


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