Jim Ficken is in danger of losing his home because his grass grew too long.


In May 2018, Jim left his home in Dunedin, a Tampa Bay suburb, to go to South Carolina to work on settling his late mother’s affairs. While Jim was out of town, the man he paid to cut his lawn unexpectedly died. Grass grows quickly in Florida, and the lawn soon grew longer than the ten inches allowed by the city. 


The city began fining Jim immediately without notice. And at a whopping $500 per day, Jim’s fines grew even faster than his grass! By the time he found out he was being fined, Jim owed the city nearly $29,000.

These penalties are not just excessive—they are unconstitutional. And they’re not just happening in Dunedin. All over America, local governments are padding their budgets by assessing crippling fines on their own residents. 

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