How many questions did you get right?

If you got:
0-2 questions correct: It’s hard to believe some of the ways the government violates the Constitution. Click here to learn more about how IJ’s work targets the core freedoms that form the foundation of a free society.
3-4 questions correct: You’ve probably heard of civil forfeiture and qualified immunity, but you don’t know all the details. Take a look at IJ’s recent cases to see how we’re vindicating the rights of ordinary people across the country.
All 5 questions correct: You already know all about the ways that the government routinely violates people’s rights. Now will you take the next step and join our fight?

The Institute for Justice protects the constitutional rights of all Americans. IJ defends ordinary people who want to earn an honest living, own and enjoy their property, speak freely, and give their children a good education but find that the government is standing in their way—and we win nearly 75% of our cases.