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Four years ago, Robert Reeves’ car was seized by police in Detroit using civil forfeiture. Although he was never charged with a crime, police attempted to use civil forfeiture to seize and keep Robert’s 1991 Camaro. Robert knew what happened to him was wrong, and in 2020 he partnered with the Institute for Justice to file a federal class action lawsuit to put an end to Wayne County’s unconstitutional policing-for-profit practice of seizing cars from innocent motorists.  

Within two weeks of filing suit, Wayne County prosecutors began to wage a war of retribution against Robert. They filed two felony charges against Robert and then attempted to leverage those charges to derail his federal class action lawsuit. When a judge dismissed that, they didn’t give up. Instead, they filed a second set of identical charges, which were once again dismissed for lack of evidence.

Robert refuses to let the county intimidate him, which is why he is filing a second lawsuit against Wayne County aimed at not only stopping prosecutors’ campaign of harassment against him, but to ensure that no one else is threatened with jail time for daring to hold government officials accountable.

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