Melissa Jankowski

Melissa Jankowski is a single mother who resides in Castle Rock, Colorado. She has two children: Alexander and Victoria. With the help of financial aid from the school, Melissa sends Alexander, a high school freshman, to Valor Christian High School. Melissa intends to send Victoria, who is currently in eighth grade at a Douglas County public school, to Valor Christian High School, as well. Doing so, however, will be a significant financial strain on Melissa.

  • April 19, 2016    |   Educational Choice

    Douglas County Religious Exclusion

    Parents Sue over Limiting Families’ Options under New School Choice Program

    The Institute for Justice (IJ) filed a federal civil rights action to vindicate the rights of three Douglas County families after the Board of Education for Douglas County, Colorado, adopted a School Choice Grant Program that barred religious schools from the program. Thus, a student could not use her grant to attend a religious school,…

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