IJ is a nonprofit, public interest law firm. Our mission is to end widespread abuses of government power and secure the constitutional rights that allow all Americans to pursue their dreams.

Who We Are

Champions for a Free and Just America

IJ is the national civil liberties law firm that represents everyday people—free of charge—when the government violates their most important constitutional rights.

We focus on the areas of the law that provide the foundation for a free society, and we win nearly three out of every four cases we file despite the challenges inherent in litigating against the government.

What We've Done

Argued at the U.S. Supreme Court 12 times, with 9 victories and 1 pending case

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Lydon McLellan- Forfeiture client

Returned $21 million in wrongfully seized assets

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Curtailed government abuse and expanded individual liberty through over 200 legislative reforms

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Saved 20,000 homes and businesses from eminent domain abuse

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Defended educational choice programs that have awarded more than 4 million scholarships

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Rolled back regulations in 44 distinct occupations

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Earned citations of our strategic research by the U.S. Supreme Court and over 400 legal, scholarly, and policy articles

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Won 63 national awards for outstanding communications and media relations

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How We Do It

Each case IJ files is crafted to set a precedent that will protect the rights of countless others like our clients. By building up hundreds of victories over our three decades, IJ is changing the law and enabling ever more Americans to pursue their dreams. But we know that success in court alone is not enough.

So we engage in legislative advocacy and grassroots activism, author original research, deploy award-winning communications, and operate a clinic for low-income entrepreneurs and a center of scholarship and debate on the proper role of the judiciary. Together, these activities are changing the law and the real-world experience of individuals across the country.

IJ is currently litigating 100 cases in 35 states and Washington, D.C.

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IJ's First 30 Years